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magento的mobile版本( App Store版),今天已经开始进行测试了,我曾经申请了,所以今天下载了安装说明和安装文件。


In order to submit your app, you need to first purchase a Activation Key from MagentoCommerce
One-time setup fee to activate your mobile storefront iPhone app. Each activation key may be used for one store view.
$799 / One-Time Setup Fee
不知道我什么时候才可以真正的实践一回,有意做 App Store的联系我吧。

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Magento mobile?
Magento Mobile is a product that makes it easy for Magento merchants to create customizable, native storefront apps for the iPhone, with support for the Android and iPad scheduled for later this year. Included in the current product is an admin panel to customize and configure your mobile storefront, as well as the ability to submit your iPhone app to the iTunes App Store directly from within the Magento admin.
什么是magento mobile?
用大白话说,就是magento的手机购物平台。现在只支持iphone,在今年年底会有支持android(手机系统系统)和ipad。现在想在App store开店可以用这个版本了,然后还是在原先的magento后台编辑相关信息。
  • What versions is Magento mobile compatible with?

Magento Mobile is compatible with Community Edition 1.3 and higher, Enterprise Edition 1.6 and higher, and Professional Edition 1.8 and higher.

magento mobile对应与magento的哪些版本?


  • How much does Magento mobile cost?

Magento Mobile is designed to dramatically reduce the costs to deploy a native commerce storefront. When you are ready to submit your iPhone app through the Magento Mobile admin, you need only pay a one-time $799 start-up fee, as well as a $699 annual maintenance fee. There is also a monthly-payment program available for $69/month. Magento manages the iTunes submission and ongoing iPhone code maintenance for you.

magento mobile花费?

对于iphone app设置费用是799美金,每年699维护费用。不知道给他们钱后,他们具体做了什么?

  • Is the iPhone app source code available?

In the future, we will make our Magneto iPhone-app source code available to select partners and merchants. At this time, we are not distributing the source code.

iphone app的代码,现在还不支持

  • How does Magento mobile work?

You start off by installing the mobile admin, which is available free of charge, and use it to configure your app. Once you’re ready to submit an application through Magento mobile, you will be required to enter an “app key”, which you can purchase from the “plans and pricing” tab, or through your My Admin panel on this website (see ‘Magento Mobile’ in the left column after logging in). We take care of the process from there and notify you once your app is live in the iTunes app store.

magento mobile如何使用?

首先你要给你的magento安装mobile这个插件,这个插件会在你的magento后台添加一个关于mobile的菜单。你在这个菜单里面都配置好了。你需要一个“app key”,你要在我们这里买这个key,你的店才能上线。

  • Why did Magento build this product?

Large online eCommerce players such as Amazon and eBay are now driving billions of dollars in sales through their native mobile applications. Native apps also have great features for brands to build relationships with customers.. Magento has always been at the forefront of positioning our community for success, and building a mobile product was the logical next step in order to help our 60,000+ stay ahead of the curve.
How long does it take to deploy an iPhone app through Magento mobile?
Once you submit your app to Magento, the timeline is subject to the iTunes app-store approval process, which can be between 2-5 weeks. In some circumstances, this process can be shorter.



  • Can I change the branding & appearance of my app after it is live in the iTunes app store?

Yes. Anything under the “Design” tab in the Magento-Mobile admin can be updated even after your app is live, and users can view your changes without needing to install an update. However, any changes you make to the core app file, including your app icon, name, description, etc. will warrant a resubmission.



  • What if I need to resubmit my app?

Any changes you make to the core app file, including your app icon, name, description, etc. will warrant a resubmission. Each resubmission is $99, and you can purchase resubmission keys from within the mobile admin (submission tab) after your first submission.

  • Can I demo my app before I submit it?

At this time, there is an app-preview window within the Magento Mobile admin where you can demo your changes. In the future, we will release other product to preview your app.



  • What creative assets do I need to prepare for Magento mobile?

You will need to produce 6 creative files for your mobile app:

Large App Icon: This is a 512×512 image, usually your brand logo, that will appear in the app store (it doesn’t appear in your app)
Small App Icon: This is the 57×57 pixel image that appears on users’ phones after they install your app. Apple automatically applies a gradient to this image.
Loading splash screen: A 320×460 image that appears while your app is loading
Header logo: 35×35 logo that appears in the header select pages within your app
Home-tab “promo” image: This is the first page/image users will see when your app loads. It is 320×227
Category background image: See the right-most image. The size is 320×367
(Optional) Product category thumbnails: Magento Mobile installs a new “image thumbnail” section within your catalog manager. The app will use your existing product-category images, but if you’d like them to appear in a way more tailored to the iPhone app, then utilize the “thumbnail image” setting within your Magento catalog admin and upload an 80×80 thumbnail.


一些图片,做logo 背景广告用。



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  1. 请用完后说一下你的意见,我们现在也在研究magento针对手机平台的应用,还有,请问一下。是不是安装它一个插件就要交一次钱呢?

    1. 这个只针对苹果公司的移动设备,目前还和咱普通的只能手机没有关系。这个收费是要向苹果交钱。